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Intelligent homes and automation are traditionally only available to those in a position to rewire or rebuild… New wireless technologies now allow for a completely retrofit-able system, which is accessible to every home at a very reasonable price.

The thought process behind Fibaro began with the desire to have access to functions in the home that had been seen at some of the most desirable properties in the country. Largely based on kilometres of cable and very technical installations, there must have been a way to simplify the communication between the appliances and the controls, and this day in age, with the future being wireless, it must be possible to create this type of system without ripping down the walls…

And what it is

The Fibaro system is built around a hugely popular radio frequency protocol called “Z-wave”. An alliance of over 250 European companies who create products that communicate seamlessly with each other to open a vast number of wireless solutions for your home. Fibaro have taken this to the next level creating micro modules that control the things you already have in your home. No need to buy new light fittings and switches, you can even create a dimmable light where you could previously only turn it on and off switch. Of course, the switch still retains its function, but now you carry a remote for this switch wherever you go, simply by downloading the free control application from the appstore! No need to buy expensive remotes, most people already own the smart phone required to run the system. And if you don’t a cheap iPod touch will support the application and the Fibaro installers can even mount it into your wall for you.

The system really excels in 4 very important areas:


Completely non-invasive means that, it’s not messy, it’s quick, but most importantly, its modular. As each device is installed independently and then connected to the system, it is completely future proof and can be built to a
budget. Should you require further functionality in the future, there is no intricate wiring design required, we connect to what you already have. You can start small and build onto it as you desire. The units are not connected permanently to the building’s infrastructures, so if you find yourself in a position where you have to move house, The Fibaro team can remove the system from your house in half a day and prepare it for installation in your new home.


Making the adjustments to your lighting scenes, timers for electric blinds and one touch “Turn everything off” systems do not require the assistance of an expensive technician, and if it is a little beyond you, the FIBARO team can easily walk you through it, ensuring you learn as you go.


The lack of cable-running cost (both labour and cable cost) seriously drives down the end price of the Fibaro system. Most homes take less than a day to connect and the overall cost can be around $3000+GST for a 3-bedroom home*

Remote access and expanding functionality:

FIBARO gives you the ability to monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world. Real time notifications and a simple view of your home mean that the iron being left on will no longer require a trip back to the house. Simply check on the application and if it’s on, turn it off! Similarly, to all technology products, the capabilities and functionality of the system are forever expanding, just in the last 3 weeks, voice activation (similar to Apples “Siri”) has been added to the application and the capabilities of the existing devices are being expanded to include energy usage monitoring and recording. But this doesn’t require the purchase of new equipment. All upgrades are simple, free software updates, which are downloaded over the Internet giving you a TRULY future proof system.

* Based on 1 HomeCenter2 Control Unit and 9 lighting/power/motor control circuits
** Terms and Conditions Apply
*** Not all products are available in New Zealand

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