We could be Mistaken that winter is already here with some of the recent weather, however we still have a wee bit of time left before Mr frosty Arrives.

This time of year we tend to live a lot more indoors, Keeping Warm By a roaring log burner or heat pump. Warming up that cosy bed with a nice hot water bottle or electrical blanket.

With this indoor living comes condensation on the windows, you know when you get up and having to wipe down the window sills in the morning, the house may be quite chilly and you find yourself dancing on the cold tiles, or shivering after a shower.

I have compiled a few tips on keeping warm and helping your house breath, keeping your home fresher, drier and warmer and a  must do before every winter.

1/ Because we live more inside increased moisture levels are inevitable, So what you can do is simply open some windows right, to help vent the home, however in the middle of winter it gets pretty cold and we are trying to keep our homes warmer. Consider Ventilating your home with a Positive Pressure or Heat Recovery system. The systems offered by Jace Electrical can be customised to suit any budget or requirement that are quiet and affordable, with add-ons such as Heat-Transfer, Second Air Source bringing in fresh air  from outside, Tempering Air Heaters to take that chill off the cooler air. A note: Tempered air heaters are not designed to heat your home,  rather help warm the air slightly as it is drawn in through the system.

2/ Got a log burner that heats your living space and you find yourself  hot while the rest of the home is cooler. Consider a good quality Heat-Transfer System. Why not make the most of that heat and help warm the rest of you home. With our quality systems they have decent  Insulated Duct, Quiet operation and a really simple and easy to use Touch Screen Controller, setting up is a breeze.

3/ How about up-grading those drafty, energy sapping downlights and replace them with a quality LED downlight. By replacing your existing lights you get new energy efficient fixtures that are fully sealed from drafts, can have new insulation covered over them and come with a 7 year Full replacement warranty. This Makes quite a difference in your heating costs also since the warm air is not escaping through the lights you retain more of the heat for longer.

4/Electric blankets are great when used safely. These should be checked and tested every year before use.

5/ Installing simple Panel Heaters in bedrooms, Bathroom Heaters and decent Bathroom Extraction all help in keeping your home warmer and drier, free of nasty mould and mildew.

6/ Check window and door seals, use draft stop products to help keep the drafts to a minimum.


7/ Ensuring your insulation is satisfactory, there is a general rule and very basic guide if your roof insulation if it is below the ceiling joist, top up with a good quality insulation between R1.8-2.8 is a good guide
depending on existing insulation and budget, the larger the “R” value the better the insulation will be.
For under you floor use an under floor insulation, being very careful and taking note of electrical wiring in particular.If you are using polystyrene under floor insulation check, White TPS cables must be covered and
protected from being in direct contact with the polystyrene as PVC reacts with polystyrene causing the PVC on the cables to breakdown very rapidly in some cases, causing electrical faults.
Also the next best thing to do is to cover the ground under your home with polythene, ensuring that it is installed and taped around piles etc. This stops rising damp that get into your flooring causing you home to become cold and damp.
A Damp home is an Unhealthy home and by reducing the effects of Dampness by Insulation, Positive pressure airflow systems, your home will be Drier and Warmer throughout the winter months.