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10 x LED Downlight Retrofit – Fully Installed*

10 x LED Downlight Retrofit – Fully Installed*

10 x LED light retrofit, high quality made in christchurch, 7 year warranty, dimmable, all metal construction. Buy the best LED downlights.

Pay By Qcard




Beat the winter by installing the best LED downlights on the market. These eliminate excessive heat loss that traditional downlights cause by way of the air gaps into a ceiling space, Saving on heating bills, are much cheaper to run and give out great lighting.

Apollo 2 is the second generation of our hugely popular Apollo range. Perfect for retrofitting and new builds alike. The refined design will sit smartly in your ceiling and provide a beautifully balanced ambiance and lighting profile.

  • Wide trim profile, engineered to cover the majority of R80 downlight paint marks. Features razor edge trim design while maintaining a high light output of up to 940lm.
  • Custom designed white powder coating process.
  • Engineered with premium components delivering a 50,000+ hour lighting engine. Fully dimmable (Older dimmers may not be compatible with LED downlights)
  • Made right here in Christchurch
  • 7 Year Warranty

    Full 7 Year warranty on both the lamp and the included LED driver for peace of mind. *5-year commercial.

    1 year workmanship warranty

  • Ultimate Retrofit

    Suitable as an update for almost all R80 incandescent downlights with cutouts between 100-122mm and trims up to 130mm.

  • Fully Air Tight Design

    Designed with a fully sealed front lens to ensure no air movement from room-space to ceiling cavity.

  • Zero Clearance Rated

    SCB & HCB = Zero meaning that the product can abut combustible building elements safely.

  • Insulation Coverable

    Fully IC-F rated for use under all NZ approved insulation types including Pink Batts and Earthwool


           Downlight Specification


        “On purchasing this package our friendly staff will contact you to arrange installation”


*Installation T&C’s
*Minimum of 10 purchased
*Package price (GST inc) includes equipment, estimated sundries and
installation within the greater Christchurch area.
Price is based on removable of existing light, installation of new LED light
Onto existing wiring.
Does not include any repairs or rewiring of existing wiring.
If existing dimmers do not work on the LED lights new dimmers would need to be
Installed at additional cost.
Sometimes older downlights may have been painted over. Although every care will be
Taken to ensure minimal damage, there are times that paint peeling and cracking occurs which
Is unavoidable. Jace electrical do not take responsibility for any repairs.





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