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Wiser WIFI Indoor IP Camera

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Wiser WIFI Indoor IP Camera

Take a Closer Look At the Wiser Indoor IP Camera

🛠️ Professional In-House Installation Service Available!

Not sure how to install your new camera? No worries! We’ve got you covered. Our expert technicians are ready to ensure a seamless setup for your Wiser camera.


  • Hassle-free installation
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  • Peace of mind knowing it’s done right


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  1. Day and Night HD Video Viewing and Recording:
    • The camera provides high-definition video capture during both day and night, ensuring clear and detailed footage in various lighting conditions.
  2. Wide View Angle:
    • The wide view angle allows for comprehensive coverage of the indoor space, reducing blind spots and providing a more complete view.
  3. 340-Degree Panning View:
    • The 340-degree panning view suggests that the camera has the ability to pan horizontally, covering a large area without the need for physical repositioning. This feature is useful for monitoring a wide indoor space.
  4. Motion Detection Notification Alerts:
    • Motion detection capabilities alert users to detected movements, providing real-time notifications for enhanced security.
  5. Intercom:
    • The intercom feature enables two-way communication, allowing users to interact through the camera. This can be useful for remote communication or monitoring.
  6. Event Recording:
    • Event-based recording ensures that the camera captures footage triggered by specific events, such as motion detection, helping users focus on relevant recordings.
  7. WiFi Connectivity:
    • WiFi connectivity allows for easy and wireless connection to a local network, enabling remote monitoring through the associated app.
  8. Simple Installation:
    • Users can easily install the camera by plugging it into a local power source. The straightforward installation process is user-friendly, requiring minimal technical expertise.
  9. Mobile App Integration:
    • The camera can be accessed through a mobile app, providing remote access to the video feed and recorded footage for convenient monitoring.
  10. Micro SD Card Storage:
    • The camera supports recording to a micro SD card, offering local storage for video footage. The 256GB capacity provides ample space for storing recorded content.

Overall, these features make the Wiser indoor IP camera a versatile and user-friendly option for indoor surveillance, offering advanced functionalities such as wide-angle views, pan capabilities, and event-based recording. As always, it’s advisable to review user reviews and manufacturer specifications for a comprehensive understanding of the product’s performance and compatibility with specific needs.


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